The strength of pavement. The natural beauty of grass. Grass Paver.


GRASSY PAVERS ™ Turf fill or aggregate; the applications are endless.

In addition to the environmental benefits, GRASSY PAVERS ™ will support over 97,000 lbs per square foot!

We have a solution for all of your paver needs

More than just landscaping

leed point eligible

Made from recycled plastic

In addition to the environmental benefits, GRASSY PAVERS ™ will support over 97,000 lbs per square foot!

Installing GRASSY PAVERS ™  is easy. It requires just a few materials and a few simple steps.

endless benifits


Grassy Pavers ™ is a grass paver Soil Stabilization System made of 97% recycled HDPE plastic. A product called regrind is made when recycled plastics are recovered for re-use. These polymers are used in the manufacture of Grassy Pavers.

Progressive ecological thinking has finally established itself for applications that have traditionally used solid paving. GRASSY PAVERS ™ are leading the change towards the future of paving. They harmoniously blend your architecture into the landscape in an attractive, functional and environmentally responsible way.

Grassy Pavers

Strength of pavement

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Think Green

Water Runoff


GRASSY PAVERS ™  are environmentally friendly. They are made from recycled plastic and allow the drainage of storm water back into the underground soil rather than into storm drains. This helps keep your property hydrated and reduces runoff into local sewer systems.

GRASSY PAVERS ™ provides the strength of pavement with the natural beauty of grass while simultaneously eliminating soil compaction, reducing reflective heat and allowing for all weather accessibility at a very cost effective price. We are the environmental alternative!

is your project at one with nature? let us help.

GRASSY PAVERS ™ provide simple answers to the complicated problems associated with supplying functional areas, while maintaining green space and dealing with storm water management compliance. The porosity of the pavers eliminates the need for retention ponds, drainage systems and other expensive means of dealing with runoff always associated with solid paving.

Grassy Pavers ™ Soil Stabilization System is a LEED point-eligible grass paver that can make any building’s surroundings “green” by providing drainage, paths, walkways, and trails that grow grass and percolate up to ten inches of rainfall per hour instead of creating a solid watershed that comes with the use of solid paving materials such as asphalt or concrete.         

Architects and engineers, planners and developers are thinking “green”; designing and building eco-friendly, energy-efficient, high-performing, sustainable, and water conserving buildings and surroundings with features that promote natural over chemical, recycled over new, and renewable over expendable. While the initial cost to “go green” may be initially higher than using more conventional building methods and materials, the payback in energy efficiency, water conservation, and even worker productivity easily exceeds those higher initial costs.

If you want a quote on our grass paver contact us  or give us a call at (205)999-1744

If you want a quote on our grass paver contact us or give us a call at (205)999-1744